How to Write a Thesis for a Research Paper: Good Opening Example

How to Write a Thesis for a Research Paper: Good Opening Example

“The opportunity to afford TV commercials and propaganda have a significant effect on the result of the Congressional/Presidential Elections”.

Like the way this sentence sounds? Such thesis statements force people to read the piece of writing from cover to cover by making them agree/disagree with the provided statement. Those who understand how to write a thesis for a research paper possess a big power to manipulate masses. Why? The person who realizes how to write a research paper can persuade anyone in the world in his truth even if the offered thesis statement does not reflect the reality.

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Why Knowing How to Write a Research Paper Is Important?

“The United Nations was organized to guarantee stable diplomatic relations between the main world’s power and support the peace.”

Doesn’t this thesis statement sound weak? That is not a thesis statement: the author has shared the information taken from the official organization’s source to make people aware of its purposes. It states a famous fact. It’s an informative piece, which cannot be a good example to explain how to write a thesis statement for a research paper. Don’t tell me you don’t know what research paper is!

If we look at the thesis as a separate document rather than part of the research paper or dissertation, it is different from the mentioned assignments.


Thesis proposal

Research paper

A large project developed to obtain a specific university degree or diploma (Ph.D. – Doctor of Science)

A paper composed by students of higher education to gain an academic degree or qualification.

A college/university writing task completed as a requirement necessary to pass a specific course. The person should conduct independent research based on primary and secondary sources. The paper contains the interpretation of findings obtained after in-depth investigation with the usage of primary sources.

The article focuses on interpreting a thesis statement as a part of the research paper. It makes sense a student should learn how to write a research paper before focusing on its separate parts!

How to Write a Thesis for a Research Paper: The Golden Rules!

A thesis is developed from an essential principle of thought. It means that the scientific author/scholar author should have a specific idea in his mind taken from the field of his competence. The way a student develops this part of the project depends on the ideas grabbed from different resources and personal opinions. It’s a combination of both.

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A firm project’s topic guarantees a successful answer to the question, “How to write a good thesis for a research paper?” The title and thesis sentence are interrelated. It is important to take the title and finish the main statement. Extra statistics/facts found in the process of research will help. In the thesis statement of the project, try to inform the reader what the main point is and why it makes sense to study it in-depth.

Make sure to pick a thesis statement, which can be defended with the available sources. If no information is available in the primary & secondary sources, the author risks failing the mission unable to prove the arguments. The arguments are three-five strong points form the body paragraphs that aim to defend the main introduction’s thesis statement.

Need more information? Have a look at the main facts about academic writing to understand how to write a thesis for a research paper. The effective student tips may help. Also, make an outline for your paper, it helps. 

How to Write a Thesis Statement for a Research Paper: 6 Fun Facts

To learn how to write a strong thesis for a research paper, pay attention to the following interesting facts:

  1. Thesis statement always goes in the introduction. It is the main sentence of the opening paragraph, which should be clear, concise, to-the-point.
  2. Make a thesis statement clearly defined at the beginning of the research paper.
  3. It is a part of the research project – try to base the main sentence on facts & statistics discovered during the scientific investigation.
  4. It is the roadmap to the main argument of the project.
  5. It is impossible to realize the ways to compose a strong thesis statement of the project without finding how to write a research paper and all its parts, including intro, outline, abstract and conclusion.
  6. Convince the reader of the selected position by stressing the fact the main argument has been thoroughly observed, examined, and analyzed.

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