How to Write A Good Introduction in The Research Paper?

How to Write A Good Introduction in The Research Paper?

The introduction is the important part of the research paper and the whole writing process as well. It allows the author to give the arguments, facts, statements, and information about the rational part of the research work. The well-written introduction can answer the question why the particular work is important for the science and can prove that it is an essential part of the global scale research in this particular field of knowledge.

Features Of The Introduction

  • Word Limitation - unlike the essay’s abstract, there is no word limitation for the introduction of the article. But at the same time, you should make it as brief as possible. It’s actually not so easy to write a well-aimed introduction at the beginning of the writing process. That’s why many authors write it after the work is finished in order not to miss some important things;
  • A General Review - the introduction of the research paper can give a general review of the work. At the same time, it highlights different things compared to the abstract. It creates some kinds of leads which will help the reader to fathom into the article;
  • The Aim - the main aim of the introduction is introducing the main idea and the topic of the work as well as providing broad context. It also distinguishes the problem, hypothesis, and the thesis.

The Background

First of all, you should set up the scene. It means that you have to provide a context of your research paper and follow its connection with several previous works in this field of knowledge. You should give the existing data on your issue, identify and describe the main problem statement and provide the supporting raw and analyzed data. The high-quality writing works should include all these elements.

The Importance Of The Introduction

Its importance leads to a rational part of the research paper, and it is revealing if the work were really built on the basis of the previous works or not. It should involve studying some things that were overlooked during previous works. It can also improve previous works that didn’t have clear final results. This part of the paper should contain your predictions of the paper’s influence and its importance.

Limitations Of The Research

You should mention if your paper has some weaknesses. If there are some shortcomings of your experiment, you should warn readers about them. This will definitely help the reader to judge the reasonableness of the paper in a correct way.


It’s better to mention all assumptions about the conditions of the experiment, which were made during the research. Set and describe your own research principles before start making it.

Tips On How To Write A Good Introduction

Here you can find some tips which can help the author to make a good introduction of the research paper. The main tips are the next:

Make It Brief And Interesting

A boring and long introduction will not be interesting for readers and can even discourage them from reading the work. That’s why you can easily lose the grades. Follow the plan of your work and save the original structure.

Define the Problem Of The Research Paper

The whole introduction must be ended with the thesis statement and a research question. You should define the problem. After the introduction, the reader of your paper should be aware of the facts and ideas of your research and the results which you try to get.

Organization Of The Paper

When writing the research paper, you can notice that the work goes in a way that differs from the planned one. In this case, you should not be afraid of it and go with the stream. But at the same time, you should make sure your introduction is adjusted.

After the introduction is written, you have to start thinking about the rest of the research. Remember that your introduction should be interesting, and at the same time, it should encourage your readers to go through the rest of the work. And if you have some problems with it or with the whole research paper click here and ask for the professional help.