How to Write an Outline for a Research Paper: Have a Plan to Follow

How to Write an Outline for a Research Paper: Have a Plan to Follow

Would you read a book without reviewing its table of contents? This insignificant share of text makes the reader understand whether the given piece of art is worth reading or does not correspond to the personal interest. The role of a good outline is underrated because many authors have no idea how to write an outline for a research paper. It is not a good excuse! Remember: every academic/scientific project consists of many different parts, and you should master them all to succeed. Learn how to write a research paper with the help of an outline!

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Do Not Start the Outline before Reading This: How to Write a Research Paper?

Are you reading this article to find the answer to the complex question, “How to write a detailed outline for a research paper?” It is not the primary thing a student should think about when working on this type of scientific or academic, time-consuming project. There are several things to worry about when working on the observation paper. Many students wonder how long it would take to come up with the ready assignment: it depends on the personal skills and volume. This type of assignment is longer than an essay; it takes from ten pages to twenty or 50 pages of meaningful text. The only part of the project, which size is known, is an abstract – it is 250 words.

The primary thing to keep in mind is the investigation itself. Avoid collecting the data from the secondary sources if there is a time limit – primary sources will provide more trustworthy and relevant information. The secondary data include the outcomes of some studies collected by the regular citizens during the surveys or interviews with other regular citizens. Primary sources are what the student has to think about. They include a variety of print & digital sources (books, academic journals, reports, scholar articles, documentaries, etc.)

If the teacher assigns a specific topic, the student is supposed to cover it. The lucky beggars obtain a chance to select the topic independently based on their interests, amount of available information, and field of studies.

While looking for the possible topics from the related field of study, take down notes. It will ease & speed up the process of developing an outline and save the best ideas the author comes up with on the given subject.

How to Write an Outline for a Research Paper: 5 Basic Tips

The key to developing a strong outline is understanding how to write a research paper. Students who are aware of the steps to creating an essay will not handle the outline for the investigation paper – the structure is different. In the last case, the structure would be:

  1. The Title/Cover Page
  2. Introduction
  3. Methods
  4. Results
  5. Discussion
  6. Conclusions
  7. Acknowledgements (define the term)
  8. References

The project may have appendices – that is the special section, which contains the details about every inserted visual element: from a simple table to graph/image.

Consider these tips to work on the outline effectively:

  1. Never start working on an outline before choosing the topic/conducting the study
  2. Decide whether you need a topic outline or thesis outline
  3. Thesis is the primary thing to highlight
  4. Do not include the number of pages
  5. Use both Latin & Roman numerals

How to Write a Detailed Outline for a Research Paper: A+ Example Shared by Top Student

People confuse table of contents with how to write an outline for a research paper with some good reasons: these parts divide the whole assignment into sections to make it easier for the user to follow. An outline is a breakdown of the project’s sections and subsections. The example proves these two are similar.

Unlike the table of contents, it does not contain the page numbers of the corresponding sections; the headings & subheadings are present to make the reading process simpler. The college professors barely include the table of contents/outline in the list of requirements.

Students are encouraged to learn how to write a thesis outline for a research paper if they want to submit logical content and receive the highest scores. The grading is strict.

The best way to understand how to write an outline for a research paper is to have a look at the perfect example grabbed from the A+ assignment. We would like to share one before explaining how to write a detailed outline for a research paper:

Topic: Asbestos Poisoning

  1. Introduction (learn more about it)
    1. What Asbestos Poisoning Is: Defining the Term
    2. Is the Investigation Meaningful and in What Sense?
    3. Specification of Various Related Terms and Keywords
  2. Body
    1. Listing the Signs of Asbestos Poisoning
    2. Naming the Consequences of Asbestos Poisoning
    3. Different Approaches to Diagnoses & Treatment of Asbestos Poisoning
  3. Conclusion
    1. Conclusion
    2. Offers, Tips, Life Hacks, & Forecasts: How to Overcome the Asbestos Hazards

This example might help to memorize how to write an outline for a research paper.

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