How to Write a Good Descriptive Essay?

How to Write a Good Descriptive Essay?

Descriptive essay is a type of the essay which writers can use for the creation of the detailed and clear picture or image of a place or a landscape, a person or a thing. An essay which can be called narrative, usually reveals the meaning which the author wants to convey the facts and the story. And the descriptive writing helps a writer to convey the exact sense of a subject with the help of very detailed and sensuous watchfulness.

The descriptive essay has a distinguishing feature. It usually employs a great power of language and words variety. It appeals to deep human feelings and senses, and help the reader to feel the subject as in real life.

How to find out whether the descriptive article is well written? It’s easy enough. If the reader after the reading of a descriptive essay has the strong feeling that he has just met the person or visited the place he has read about we can say that this article is definitely what it should be. And the writer did a great writing job. Another distinguishing feature of a good descriptive article is the appearance of the readers’ appreciation as well as the emotional connection between the readers and the subjects of the essay.

5-Steps Descriptive Essay Writing Technique

As any other activity writing demands hard working. Though writing process is very creative and individual, there are some techniques how to make it more effective and easier. Here you can find the special writing technique and the following of its steps will help you to do your writing assignment well. Read about all writing tips and the stages of the writing process, follow them and the trick.

Descriptive Essay Prewriting

It is the first step of the writing process. This step of the writing is devoted to all preparatory stuff. You have to do it despite the fact you are a student or a professional writer. The writer has to think well what subject, place or person he wants to write about. And what he will have to describe in his descriptive article. He must understand the full extent of details which he would have to describe. It can be the great significance of the life of a person or the exact and deep meaning of a place. And it’s not easy. That’s why the writer should conduct great prewriting work and after, that he will be ready to choose the topic.

After the topic of a descriptive essay is chosen, the writer will have to spend time on working on the qualities which he will describe. You should take into account all the details which are associated with the chosen topic. Even if you are writing about the certain place, you can mention people who were there at some moment and the feeling which they could experience. You may think about the history of that place. Who had lived there or visited that place? How has it changed? Use not only physical characteristics. Don’t forget about feelings, ideas, emotions and memories. They can really help you to convey the significance of the subject. And it allows the readers to imagine the picture in the way in which you imagine it.

You have to choose the details which you will focus on in each paragraph of your descriptive article. After that, you should create a plan and make sure that these all details are connected with the logical line.

Making A Draft Of A Descriptive Essay

After the creating of the outline, you can start making a descriptive essay draft. You should follow the plan, but don’t forget that the main goal of your essay is to convey the significance of the subject to the reader and give him a real experience of the described subject.

  • Show! Don’t Tell!

Remember once and for all: show is the main watchword of the descriptive essay writing. You shouldn’t tell the readers about something. You should show them it.

Involve all human senses  - touch, hearing, sight, taste and smell. Do not stop only at sight. Using of all senses in your writing is the best way to show the reader all the deepness and complexity of the subject you are writing about. The reader should feel the characters’ hand in his hand and see the dawn as the character see it. Here are you can find an example:

  • How you can tell about the subject

The dawn was beautiful.

  • How you can show the subject

The first bright rays of the sun appeared from behind the skyline, and the moon had left its place in the sky. The horizon line was like a rare white haze. The sky became clear, and everything lit up. This was the beginning of a wonderful new day.

Revising Of A Descriptive Essay

The next step is descriptive essay revision. The writer should review the article and modify if needed. The writer should use all his skills to make his work the best. When you are revising  your essay you should answer the next questions:

  • Has the special connection between the subject’s meaning and the description of the subject being made?
  • Does the descriptive essay help its reader to appreciate a subject as fully as he can?
  • Are there any paragraphs which can confuse the reader?
  • Can the reader imagine the complete and detailed picture?
  • Are all the human senses involved in your descriptive article? And have you managed to convey feelings and emotions?
  • Are the meaning and the conclusion clear to the reader?

Descriptive Essay Editing

On this step of the writing process, the author should proofread the work and correct all mechanics and grammar errors that he has made. You can also improve your writing style if needed. The author has to make sure that all adverbs and adjectives are correct.

Descriptive Essay Publishing

Share your essay with the colleagues if you are a student or publish it if you are a professional writer. It can be very exciting because you can hardly find a writer who will be not worrying about his work. So get the experience, learn, enjoy and make your writing better every time.

So now you are ready to write a descriptive essay in the best way. Follow all tips and remember that the descriptive article should be based not only on facts but feelings and senses. But if you still think that you don’t have enough experience and skills for it, just get the professional assistance with essay writing.