The Best Scientifically Proven Tips on How to Prepare for Final Exams

The Best Scientifically Proven Tips on How to Prepare for Final Exams

The period of the final exams is the most stressful for all students. And every student is going through a final exam week with difficulties. But there is a way in which you can avoid so stressful situations. All you need is preparing for the exams in advance.

All students postpone all the work until the last moment and this can play a nasty trick with them. Relaxing all the time students don’t think about the great number of course works, essays and other writing assignments which can gather like a huge snowball. And when students realize that they have problems with exams they try to find some magic ways how to solve all these problems.

But, in fact, there is no magic and it is impossible to go through the final exams successful without hard work. But there are some tips which can make the level of the stress lower and can help the students to make sure that they are on the right way. Here you can find several scientifically proven techniques which will help you to prepare and to pass the exams as well as you can.

No Cramming

Cramming is not actually a good way to master the material. You shouldn't sit with the book in your hands from early morning till the late at night and repeat the same things every now and again. It’s better to study in the intervals. What does it mean? You should study for 40-50 minutes and after that take a break of  5-10 minutes. This way of studying is more effective than usual cramming.

Do Cardio Exercises

Everybody knows that even short 15 min cardio workout can make your memory better. You can choose the type of workout which you like the most. It can be walking, jumping, jogging, dancing. All these exercises may easily increase the level of your energy and at the same time, it will definitely reduce the level of stress.

Say “No” To Junk Food

While preparing for the exams you should prefer a high-quality food with antioxidants. The junk food can make your effectiveness lower. You should have a good breakfast which will consist of high-fiber and high-carb food. But remember that the slow-digesting products are the best for breakfast (for example, oatmeal). If you want to have some snack, choose:

  • Fruit; 
  • Carrot;
  • Almonds;
  • Yogurt, etc.

Remember that you should eat a good food not only when you start preparing for the exams. Even the products which you have eaten 5 days ago can influence.

While studying, the brain cells are consuming glucose, so it is important to take short breaks every 40-50 minutes. It will allow your body to produce glucose as a special fuel.

 Alternate Places For Studying

Don’t make the preparing for the finals routine. Use some alternative places for studying.  The New York Times says you can just change the room in which you study and it can improve your retention.

Our brain has an amazing ability to draw parallels and to establish associations. So if you have to study, for example, many foreign words, study them in different rooms and the brain will connect the associations between the places and words that were studied there.

Effective Time Management

In fact, cramming and a big number of writing assignments can cause a great anxiety during the exam session. The anxiety in its turn can lower the person’s ability to study the information and retain it in the memory. In order to rid yourself of stress and anxiety, you should create a schedule which will be well balanced. If you have strict time limits you can ask for the help with your writing assignments. It will allow you to prepare for the exams in advance and pass the final exams without physical and psychological difficulties.

Don’t Study All Night Long

All students who don’t prepare for the exams in advance try to study all night long before the exam. But it should be mentioned that it is not a good idea. The studies have shown that all-nighters usually have a bad memory and get lower grades than the students who study during the whole semester and prepare to pass the exams timely.

Minimize All Distractions

Be focused and attentive when you are preparing for the exams. The scientific studies have shown that it is more difficult to study the information and retain it if you are watching television, texting using your computer or the smartphone or listening to music. So put away all distractions and focus on studying.

Get The Practice

There are different ways to study the information and retain it while preparing for the exams. Some students may highlight the main statements, other students may re-read some paragraphs. Sometimes one can think that summation is a good way to remember all the information. But you should understand that all those techniques cannot boost the performance of the students. Practice is the most powerful technique. Do a rehearsal of how you will take the exam, use different flashcards and your preparing for the final exams will be effective.